This is Therapy


Introducing the world’s first and most advanced interactive senior therapy space.




Bowes In Home Care is proud to present this breakthrough concept utilizing cutting edge techniques, Chroma-therapy, Aroma-therapy and our interactive Thera-Play system. The idea was simply to create a beautiful therapy environment that would encourage seniors to take a more active role in their own therapy. Gone are the days of dimly lit rooms with equipment scattered about without any thought or design. These Active Health Centers are meticulously planned to not only be beautiful to look at but to make every square inch functional therapy space.

Bowes In Home Care uses professional contractors and designers to create your unique Active Health Center at no cost to you.

Let’s take a closer look and what’s inside the Active Health Center.

Thera-Play is transforming the typical rehabilitation gym into a highly interactive and immersive playstation

Thera-Play works by a client standing on a designated area of the floor using their hands and feet to engage the game they see below. Each interactive game works to develop quickness, agility, hand-eye coordination, physical strength, and stamina.  All of these physical traits are important when it comes to maintaining one’s balance and minimizing the risk for falls. These interactive programs create an entertaining, competitive, and physically energizing experience that stimulates the mind and the body. Combining therapy with an interactive game system has accomplished the goal of making movement fun. Individuals using Thera-Play demonstrate increased tolerance to aerobic activity, increased speed of reflexes, and improved steadiness with gait. They have also demonstrated an improvement in trunk control, and both gross and fine motor movement.  For individuals with dementia and cognitive impairments there has been enhancement of executive functioning which is the area of the brain that helps to decrease the risk of falls. Most importantly,  Thera-Play has helped individuals gain a greater sense of confidence and empowerment allowing them to achieve better outcomes.

Equipment that engages the user is key to their overall success

Much like our Thera-Play system the two machines pictured to the left are second to none when it comes to delivering positive outcomes. The world famous NuStepTM recumbent cross trainers are a pivotal part of our therapy program. No other piece of equipment on the market today can deliver a total body workout with very low impact. Whatever your level of function – from deconditioned or disabled users to workout warriors or elite athletes – the NuStepTM offers safe, effective, and adaptive exercise. No other exercise machine is as accessible, supportive, and versatile.
Complementing the NuStepTM is the Omnicycle™ Elite, a Motorized Rehabilitation System that represents the most advanced therapy cycle technology available today. It accommodates post-acute patients who may not typically be able to participate in therapeutic exercises due to lack of strength, coordination, partial paralysis, respiratory limitations and other conditions. By serving a broader range of neuromuscular and orthopedic diagnoses than traditional “resistance” cycles, the Omnicycle™ Elite supports expanded therapy services for neurological rehabilitation (Stroke-CVA), orthopedic rehabilitation (TKA, THA, Shoulder, UE) and cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation (COPD).

Chroma-Therapy, it’s feel good light technology

Engaging patients with multi sensory input has been proven to increase cognitive function. By using color we trigger chemical reactions in our brain, for instance most people associate red with love or passion.
By strategically placing a pleasant glow of light throughout the therapy space users are constantly bathed in a relaxing blue, or an invigorating green, or the exact color of their choice for their therapy session.

Aroma-Therapy, the art of scent

Scent, much like color, has an effect on humans as well. Certain essential oils have shown to have a  wide range of benefits. The Active Health Center has left nothing to chance by strategically scenting the environment with a light, crisp hint of vanilla and lemongrass, scents that have shown to increase mood for the positive. What could be more therapeutic than just feeling good.

What could be more therapeutic than just feeling good?

Our therapists love how they work

Creating the most technologically-advanced senior therapy space was no easy task, and in doing so we also wanted to make sure that our therapists had the best possible environment with which to use their skill. The space needed to support them as much as they support our clients. Using state-of-the art sit to stand desks that allow our clinicians to change their working position throughout the day has been proven to have a positive effect on multiple areas of health. Just as important as their work area is providing a hygienically superior environment. We accomplished this by creating a completely hands-free bathroom where users can do every step of washroom use without having to touch anything directly, even locking and opening the door.

Pain Management is now under NEW Management

The Bowes In Home Care specialized pain management program utilizes highly developed ACP  equipment. We have recognized the need for pain management especially in assisted and independent living facilities where chronic pain is generally under-recognized and under-treated. 80% of the time pain experienced by community dwelling elders is treated with analgesics, which adds to the increased side  effects of falling and cognitive impairments. Bowes trained clinicians have found that utilizing sensory TENS, a form of electrical stimulation, is as effective as Tylenol with Codeine in controlling acute traumatic pain without increasing their risks of falls. Within the clinic, there are multiple forms of electrical stimulation all specific for the treatment of certain pain diagnoses.

Pain Management, in non-pill formula

In addition to electrical stimulation, other pain modalities utilized within the clinic are ultrasound and diathermy. Therapeutic Ultrasound is a physical agent modality that produces high frequency sound waves for thermal (heating) and sub thermal (healing) effects in tissue. Ultrasound applied at trigger and acupoints is effective in reducing pain. One of the most recent findings using ultrasound in the treatment of pain associated with Shingles is that 80% of the patients treated with daily ultrasound over the posterior nerve roots were pain free at the conclusion of treatment and on long term follow up. Additional impairments that are effectively treated with ultrasound are carpal tunnel pain syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis especially in the hands, scar and neuroma pain, epicondylitis pain, and neck pain.
Shortwave Diathermy produces electromagnetic energy which is applied as a pulsed electromagnetic field to the tissue to be treated. It can produce both a thermal effect (heat), and sub thermal effect (healing). Shortwave Diathermy is excellent in the treatment of joint pain and tenderness, helps to reduce swelling and edema following acute sprains or strains, post operative pain and swelling, and chronic lower back pain.
Bowes In Home Care stands firmly in their belief that pain is NOT a normal
part of aging. Through the utilization of pain modalities coupled with therapy
we are proving this to be true.